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Aeon Swtor Guide - All you should Know!

AeonGuide is usually a library of well-written guides for Transformers: The actual Republic. Our guides will give you probably the most accurate or more currently information available.
We've got done the math, the research as well as testing, and now we know very well what the most beneficial builds, the best items, the best rotations, as well as best strategies are almost every aspect of the game. Our guides cover leveling, PVP, questing, soloing, grouping, itemization, stats, end game, healing, tanking, DPSing. If its in the game, we'll explain how to be the ideal advertising online.

Written By Professionals

The guides allow me to share all provided by some of the best players in the world. A lot of us hail from top ten guilds for example Ensidia, Premonition, and Exodus from Warcraft, or Maximization from Rift.

Of course we play very competitively and we play being the ideal. We all spent never ending hours playing aeon guide prior to a game even came out, in the closed beta. Now you want to share our extensive familiarity with SWTOR to you.

Leveling Made Easy

After level 10, you will be shown a huge talent tree with countless choices in addition to many spells & abilities with little to no explanation with the items they generally do or when you use them.

Our pair of class guides are specially built to show you wherever to put every talent point so when approaches to use all your spells/abilities. Instead of wasting a lot of time and a large number of credits with experimentation, you could be positive that that you are using the best build and greatest rotation for anything you want to try and do.
If you would like level by doing Flashpoints, we'll explain to you an effective way tips on how to tank, heal, or DPS them. If you're an lone wolf, we'll explain to you the very best builds for plowing through quests.

Kick Ass PVP Builds

PVP and end game content are a pair of the most crucial facets of aeon guide. You will need hrs of practice together with experimentation to think of the best builds, items and gears that make up the best PVP killer.

At Aeon Guide we try and help you shorten this learning curve by providing you proven, tested and reliable PVP builds. Regardless of what your class is or maybe play style is, we've got builds which have been perfect for every single PVP battle you get hired to play.
Have the right create day one you walk into PVP and your enemies will just envy all of you any time!

Impress Your family members

With aeon guide, learn to play the as being a pro from day one. Get to be the player that many one seeks aid from. Become the player that wants inside their guilds.
Get training and support from some of the best gamers around the globe that will help you turned into a better gamer overall.

An advanced guild leader or if you have a guild website, write to us and we'll provide you and everything your guild members an essential discount. The money it can save you could seriously help fund your guild website, or simply even create one.

Aeon SWTOR Guide - Features
Covers Both Factions
Our library of guides covers both factions and details the differences totally. Despite your plan of action at the character select screen, maybe in the conversations while in the game, we've you covered.

Power Leveling

The leveling builds and rotations you get from my guides are tested and proven being the quickest leveling builds possible. Don't waste hard-earned credits with learning from mistakes whenever you gets it right initially around.


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